SYSTEM 3R EDM INDEXERS (P/N 245-100 & 250-100)

The precision indexing technology in Harig's Grind-All No. 1 head is paired with System 3R's most popular chucks to create two dedicated electrode makers.     The marriage of a System 3R chuck with a Harig grinding fixture allows the operator to accurately produce electrodes and easily transfer them between machines.  Harig EDM indexers enhance your company's existing System 3R reference system, providing unmatched repeatability, improved precision, and shorter set-up times.


             Center height                   3.000"

             Graduation                      360 degree

             24 division indexing         +/- 10 seconds

             angles between indexes    via adjustable stops

             square and parallel to       0.0001"

             extended base                  better balance & minimal deflection


20mm EDM INDEXER  P/N 245-100                           

          accuracy and is the most widely used electrode holder system

   MC EDM INDEXER  P/N 250-100

        highly accurate Macro System or the economical MacroJunior system without adapters

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