Model E-5 ROTO-SPINDLE (P/N 170-100)
Model E-20 ROTO-SPINDLE (P/N 175-100)

Harig's economical EDM spindle mounts to conventional EDM machines to increase productivity. The Roto-Spindle spins your electrode to improve accuracy, decrease electrode wear, and increase hole-making speed up to 50%. Available in 2 models, the E-5 Roto-Spindle (P/N 170-100) uses ER-20 or RD-20 collets up to 1/2", while the E-20 Roto-Spindle (P/N 175-100) holds 20mm tooling. Motor has built-in variable speed control for ideal operation between 10-260 RPM. When looking to improve burning times and accuracy on conventional EDM machines, the Roto-Spindle will do the job economically and efficiently. Reliability backed by Harig's trademark service.


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