NEW!  BUR-BEAVER (P/N 265-100)

Harig has acquired Simco's BUR-BEAVER tabletop deburring Model BB-920 and is reintroducing it to the marketplace.  The industry standard, still made in the U.S.A., deburrs and cuts perfect 45 degree bevels on the outside edges of flat and square bar stock and rounds.  Harig is committed to improving the Simco line of high performance deburring, chamfering, and beveling machines, and proud to have the Bur-Beaver as part of our line of "world class tools".








Harig's patented Kool-Grind System revolutionizes dry grinding by maintaining cool workpiece temperatures as you grind. An internally cooled Plate and/or Chuck paired with the self-contained Chiller enables the Kool-Grind System to keep your workpieces cool. Heat generated in the workpiece during the machining process is absorbed by the Plate or Chuck instantly, without messy external coolant or mist systems. The Kool-Grind System prevents parts from warping due to temperature fluctuations, and eliminates down time caused by waiting for pieces to cool. Without the fear of warping, you can leave less grinding stock on your workpiece, achieve closer tolerances, and reduce grinding wheel breakdown. When dry-grinding, Harig's Kool-Grind System improves your accuracy, increases production rates, and adds repeatability by cooling workpieces without external coolants. Full repair service and replacement parts available. Reliability backed by Harig's trademark service.

System Components

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