Accessories for the Bur-Beaver


       OPTIONAL GUIDE P/N 265-50




      permits deburring the O.D. of flat rounds      



p/n 92044 BB-35Q  27-Flute Cutter for fine finishes minimum depth chamfers on steel

p/n 92045 BB-35R  Borazon Abrasive Wheel Deburrs stainless and hardened steel

p/n 92046 BB-35N  9-Flute Cutter deburrs and Chamfers aluminum, plastic, cast iron

p/n 92047 BB-35S  Crosshatch Cutter for fine finish deburring of steel

p/n 92048 BB-35P  18-Flute Cutter for medium finish chamfers on steel to 1/8" (most popular)



    P/N 92044                       P/N 92046                    P/N 92048  

                         P/N 92045                     P/N 92047

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